Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Echinacea: My new Best Friend. My Cold's worst enemy.

Yesterday I felt crummy all day. Blaming it on allergies, I took an antihistamine. Three hours later, I still felt crummy (sore throat), so I decided to chock it up and say maybe I have finally caught a bug.

I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home and picked up some liquid Echinacea. Since, I have taken 4 doses (40 drops in some hot water). I took two last night and two this morning, and I already feel better! My applause to Echinacea! Oh how I love you!

Who knows if it made a difference, if it's the placebo effect, or if it's my law of attraction thinking telling myself that I feel great. All I know is that this stuff worked for me, so I wanted to share with you!

A little info about why I bought the liquid supplement as opposed to the capsules: Liquid supplements are always better and more easily absorbed by your system. If you are taking something for fast action, like my echinacea binge to boost my immune system to "Ahnold" levels, a liquid supplement is always the best option. Daily vitamins and supplements can be in capsule form if you wish because they usually are a little bit cheaper. But overall, liquid is seemingly more effective.

I wanted to promote the echinacea I bought because I love it so much. Gaia Herbs Organic Echinacea Supreme: Ultimate Support for Healthy Immune Function.

Most importantly, does anyone else have any supplement cures that they want to share? Please do in comments!

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Marvin said...

Oh! yeah Echinacea was also recommended by my friend's cousin. Great stuff! Sometimes I also take zinc at early signs of a sore throat, and that helps too. Hope you feel better!