Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back in LalaLand

I'm back from my trip to Florida, which means less eating out, which makes it easier for me to stay true to my vegan/veg life. It's hard going out to italian and ordering "eggplant parmigiana with no cheese" without looking like a psycho. I really do notice a big difference in my digestion since I stopped eating dairy, though. I did have a few bites of cheese over the week but stayed away from dairy overall, and I feel a lot lighter. I somehow always knew my stomach didn't agree with my milk addiction, albeit organic, and taking the step to cut it out as much as possible has proved positive. Not for weight loss, but health reasons. I re-read today in Skinny Bitch that by the age of four years old, humans lose 90-95% of their lactase enzymes (the ones necessary to digest lactose in dairy) in their stomachs. Which means we are supposed to consume milk as a baby, but the enzymes then die off for a reason - we aren't supposed to eat dairy anymore!

Anywho - let me know what u think.

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