Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who Knew Boca Burgers have Cheddar Cheese in them?

After reading Skinny Bitch while here on vacation in Ponte Vedra, I decidedly can't eat dairy or eggs for the next couple of days. I have decided to go on a non-dairy stint just because the arguments against dairy are convincing and proliferate. First, it's super un-natural to drink another animal's breastmilk. And second, it's laden with hormones and pesticides.

So, Ryan's parents were making burgers for dinner. We volunteered to ride our bikes to the local market for some veggie burgers for me to enjoy and substitute with. I immediately opted for the Boca burger, because it performs well on the grill. Skinny Bitch highly emphasized reading the ingredient list on every singly product you are thinking about eating (something I already do) so I made sure to check it. Lo and behold - Boca burgers have cheddar cheese as their 3rd ingredient. Gross! They don't even mention on the packaging that cheese is included in your soy protein patty.

Anywho - a warning to any vegans out there. Boca burgers are a no-no. I'm sure they make vegan varieties, however. I ended up opting for Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers, which I absolutely love because you recognize EVERY ingredient on the box. No processed soy or anything. They do get a little flimsy on the skillet, however, so I recommend BBQing or toaster grilling them.

Lesson learned - read ingredients. The only other major thing I want to share is read Skinny Bitch. For any guy, girl, pet, etc. The book is laden with important nutrition information and tells you everything that certain foods do to your body. Far from a diet book or trend, Skinny Bitch is all about losing your ass through good nutrition. Vegans, vegetarians, and people thinking about overcoming animal product-cravings will love it. It's a quick and fun read. I don't normally plug things this heavily, so you know I really respect it.

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