Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eating Meat and Dairy more harmful to the environment than all of those cars on the road..

Just flipping through National Geographic's Green Guide and had to share this:

"The United Nations reports that meat and dairy production account for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions- that's more than transportation! The best way to reduce global warming is to adopt a plant based diet. In addition to our recycling and energy-saving efforts, we can make choices at every meal that protect our planet, save farm animals and wildlife, and improve our health."

The ad is sponsored by FARM - check them out at www.coolyourdiet.org.

Just another reason to tell people why you're a vegetarian and to congratulate yourself. I have been so worried about my carbon footprint since I can remember and little did I know that my chicken dinners were a major contributor. Share this info with your friends!

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