Friday, June 13, 2008

Hamburgers Usin' Up All of Our Water!

Everytime I shower, wash my car, or run my dishwasher, I conciously feel bad about the water I'm wasting. Little did I know that eating meat wastes way more water than my 15 minute shower. Once I add up all of the water it takes to grow food for the animals, water their fields, and keep them hydrated, I learn that eating a pound of meat is like throwing 441 gallons of water down the street. That would take a while...

"The meat industry is a major cause of fresh water depletion. According to Ed Ayres, of the World Watch Institute, "Pass up one hamburger, and you’ll save as much water as you save by taking 40 showers with a low-flow nozzle." []

One hamburger requires that much water!? Had I known earlier, I would have always opted for the veggie burger at in'n'out. It's not just hamburgers though. It's those meaty sandwiches and chicken salads that are using up all of our water, too. Here's to opting out of meat and doing my part to prevent the daunting water crisis.

Imagine how much water would be saved if we ALL went vegetarian. Food for thought next time you're craving animal.

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